Welcome Duna


We were fortunate to have been able to purchase a Komondor for the farm last year.  If you know anything about these dogs, you know that you are not likely to find one just hanging around your local dog shelter; many people have never heard of them.  We had never seen one before, only the ones at the dog shows on TV, and then just the one at a time.  Khan was just a pup when we got him and we made the mistake of raising him in the house with our other dogs.  Part of his duties was to protect the small dogs from larger predators around the farm like coyotes, which are known to carry off small dogs.  Well, he is just not the kind of dog you what in you house especially if you are not there to keep an eye on him.  The obvious solution was: if one doesn’t work out, get a second or third.  As I said, it was hard enough getting the one and I had all but given up trying to find one when we just happened to run into another “Kom person” at a farm festival.  This was an incredible coincidence and allowed us to meet some other very friendly Komondor enthusiast.

Duna is working out better than we had hoped.  She and Khan bonded right away.  Duna is used to living out doors and the plan is to have Khan spend more and more time outside with her particularly at night when predators are most active.  One thing I like about this breed is that they are adapted to very harsh, cold climates.  Seeing Khan and Duna together, playing, running through the field, even swimming in the pond, puts a smile on my face.

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