So Much Bad Information

There is so much bad information floating around that the benefits of cheep printing and publication, including the internet, is very nearly a wash.  Not too long ago, it was very time consuming and costly to research and learn about a particular subject, especially one that was not commonly taught like arithmetic or American history.   Now you can google most topics for free and learn something.  The problem is what you most often get is a large amount of unsorted information only some of which is pertinent and usually unverified.  Even worse is the biased information that is always first on the list, that serves to promote a manufacturer or political perspective, and brings in revenue for the writer.

Being a farmer, I am most sensitive to those agricultural publications that print things about the industry or trends with no real experience of the topic.  I read so many articles about growing tomatoes and selling them, for example, by people who earn their income from writing articles about growing tomatoes and earn no income from selling these tomatoes.  They write these things as though they know what they are talking about when in fact they have never sold a single tomato.  They will tell you what the law says and what is good and right.  There are even seminars and classes, programs and certifications.  It reminds me of the ads that offer to share a secret of business success, a secret that has made the person trying to sell it to you, millions of dollars.  I think that most of us understand that if you truly have a million dollar business secret, you do not offer to share it with others but seek to protect it though the patent or copy write process.

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