No Fish

Fresh fish at the farmers market seemed to me to be a great idea.  It is difficult/expensive to get truly fresh fish unless you live near a fishing port or fish farm.  So it just follows that people would want to buy my very fresh, farm raised fish.  They really didn’t.  Most of the fish at the local grocer is imported as is so much of our food now as it cost less to bring these things from around the world than produce it locally.  How can this be!  Slave labor or at least highly exploited labor.  (Not long ago the media touched on the fact of very young children, not white children, working in the fields here in the good old U.S.A.  It went largely unnoticed.)

I was unsuccessful selling fresh fish at the farmers market.  The problem was the same as always, processing.  Most people just don’t want to or can’t deal with filleting fish.  Unfortunately, the answer to the problem was not just to have the fished processed, packaged neatly, and then present it to the public.  In one case, the cost difference between my filleted and package fish was six times the cost of the imported fish and this was the least expensive fish I could raise.  I would so like to say that the imported stuff was greatly inferior and probably poison, but that is just not true.  The imported fish is acceptable; I often buy it myself.   My cost to have the fished processed was more than the value of the fish and when the imported fish seems to come here without labor cost, there is just no competing.  This is not a special situation as this issue of cheap labor is why so much of what we now purchase at whatever store is brought in from the other side of the planet.  Back when fuel costs seemed that they would rise to extreme levels, that was when we had a real chance to complete for our neighbors business.  It was no luck that fuel prices returned to lower levels.  Sure, we can once again fill up our SUV’s but soon few of us will have the high paying jobs that allow us to buy them.

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