Bottle Lambs

Well, we already have a bottle lamb and we are not even half way thru lambing season.  Bottle fed babies are a problem.  They require care and attention that is normally given by the mother but sometimes she will reject her baby.  There is usually a good reason why she does this even though it is not always evident.  For a small farm like ours, we will always try to save the lamb.  This means bringing the lamb inside, bottle feeding it with very expensive milk replacer, cleaning up after it (I refuse to buy diapers), and sometimes, holding it a lot.  Before you know it, you have a puppy that can not be house trained.  All of this must go on for at least three months or longer depending on the weather and your facilities.  It is actually easier with more than one as they will support each other but that means more bottle babies.  Once they are old enough to be reintroduced to the flock, you have a whole other set of problems.

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