Ducklings in the Snow

A couple days ago we were out struggling with feeding the animals.  We were feeding the geese and ducks and noticed Khan was playing with something in the snow.  We have learned that this is something to not just ignore.  So Angie goes after him and he has a baby duck.  He had found this duck in the shelter, picked it up and carried it out to play with.  It is amazing, this is a day old duckling and there was not a feather out of place.  Where did he get this duckling?  It’s February, 10 degrees, deep snow everywhere, and he finds this duckling.  So we began looking around and sure enough, there’s a nest with four more ducklings.  Now I’m torn, I don’t want Khan to carry off the babies but he saved these five ducklings because we would have never noticed them (Khan notices everything) and they would not have survived once the mother lead them from the nest.  They are in the utility room now, where it is warm, and are soooooo cute.

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