Cota Care – Private Dog Care Service

Cota Farms offers private respite and rescue services for animals that are important to you.  We are not a kennel, day care, or camp. Sometimes you may need to travel where your pet can’t go and you don’t want to leave them in a kennel because they have special needs or you must be away for extended periods.  You don’t want to impose on family or friends… you can turn to Cota Care.  Your pet will be cared for in a home and farm environment, along side our own pets.  We never book more than one dog or family of dogs at a time so your pet will not have to compete for our attention, nor do we employ outside help.

We don’t have additional charges for 10 minute exercise periods or times outside a cage.  There are no cages and exercise is unlimited.  We don’t offer couches or television; we have fields, ponds, and wetlands.  Your dogs activities are determined by the dog.  Small, “lap dogs”, stay in zone 1, away from too large a field or pond, or wildlife.  They will be able to play with small farm animals and our small dogs.  Large, working breeds, can have access to zone 2.

A visit (with dog) and evaluation is required before we can book your pet.  You can then better determine what activities you will allow for your dog, as well as all other details to your satisfaction; food, sleeping, etc.

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