Alpaca and Llama on the Menu

We have had some success with alpaca and llama meat sales over the past couple years and will expand this enterprise.  We don’t expect a large demand for this product but that is consistent with the majority of our products: rare, specialties, niche market.  The downturn in the economy has exposed a weakness in the U.S. llama/alpaca business and provided an opportunity for those willing to brave the inevitable criticism of those groups wanting to condemn meat consumption.   While llama/alpaca meat has long been enjoyed in some other countries, we are not aware of any other producers here.

We have enjoyed positive feedback from individuals and restaurants during our test phase and hope to be able to sell more in the future, at a lower price.  The initial costs had to include research, establishing the processing format, test marketing, potential supply analysis, and other considerations beyond the scope of this blog.

There have been inquiries from alpaca farms asking us to tell them how we are able to sell alpaca meat so I expect others to try and duplicate our efforts very soon, if they haven’t already.  This in itself is testament to the impending collapse of this pyramid.  Just a few years ago, they very idea of eating these animals would have been anathema, now, not so much.

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