Buttons & Bows

Our new cygnets have finally started to leave their shelter and take to the water.  These lovely females are painfully shy and I can hardly imagine them deserving their reputation of aggression.  Of course they are still quite young yet.  I never thought that we could actually have such birds on the farm as they are normally very expensive.  An ad on the internet caught my attention one day and for the price I was more than willing to drive the three hours, one way, to get them.

They are quite clumsy out of the water and don’t move as fast as ducks or geese.  Their feet are huge!  I sometimes call them the bozo sisters as they are clown like with their big floppy feet and shy demeanor.  Buttons and Bows make me smile every time I see them.  We plan to keep them nearby in the training pond this winter where we can keep and eye on them.  It is also easier to keep a hole open in the ice for them there than the larger pond where they will go in the spring.

One thought on “Buttons & Bows

  1. Hello!! Wonderful pictures!! I sent you an email in regards to next Saturday (9/25/10) and placing an order!! Let me know if you got it!! amy


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