Herding Dog Workshop

Cota Run Dog Park will be hosting a herding dog workshop this spring. I will post more details later but I wanted to get the word out early to gauge interest. We will be bringing in a gentleman from Pennsylvania with much experience in breeding and training these working dogs. Trying to run a sheep or goat operation without your favorite breed of herding dog puts you at a big disadvantage. It wasn’t until after a few years of enduring great frustration trying to get our sheep to go where we needed them to be that I decided this was crazy and finally got a dog. I would not even try to move sheep now without a dog. Herding dogs are not like guard dogs, they require training. Actually, it is we that require the training, the dog will herd whether you are there or not. You just have to learn to communicate with the dog so she knows what you what. A herding dog (and LGD) is the best employee you could ever have. They will love you unconditionally and do everything they can to please you. No person or machine, not ten persons or machines,  can come close to doing what a single dog can do when it comes to dealing with livestock in an open field.  They are absolutely amazing!

Here are a couple Briards, they belong to a friend of ours and are a beautiful example of a french breed of herding dog.

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