DOG FOOD Community Supported Agriculture

We did our first deliveries of raw dog food this week and are very happy with the product.  I have done a good bit of research on the subject and it seems pretty obvious to me what dogs should be eating even though many people do not agree.  I believe it is more a matter of conditioning by corporate manufactures and the dog food industry in general than peoples inability to deal with the fact that their best friend is a carnivore and a predator and was Designed to kill and eat other animals.  It is this fact that eventually brought me to the final decision to feed our dogs what they want and need and not what I have been trained to feed them.

As I was scrambling to save our lambs from coyotes and perhaps roaming dogs as well, I made note of how they killed our lambs and what they chose to eat first.  I came to understood that the only long term, humane solution to this problem was dogs, K9’s much like the ones that were killing our lambs.  I love dogs and the idea of hunting them, trapping or otherwise hurting them did not appeal to me even though I had to stop what they were doing.  As I wrote in an earlier blog I traveled long distances to find dogs that were ready to go right into the pastures with the sheep and protect them from the coyotes.  It was a fantastic success.

To think that with a little human ingenuity you could take an otherwise potential predator, one that would happily eat your sheep along with all the other K9’s and train him to protect your sheep from the other predators, well that is just one of the most amazing things about dogs.  Of course a dog that can do this is very special and deserves special care and feeding, the cheapest most devoted farm labor you could ever have.

I have noticed that higher quality dog food has become extremely expensive, so expensive in fact that it is now cheaper to feed you dog actual meat than buy these overpriced foods.  Still, it is not quite that easy.  Your dog will need a little more than just a hunk of meat for a balanced nutritional meal.  How you choose to do the balancing will vary depending on what foods you have available to you but we can definitely help you with the largest part of the meal.

Ground chicken with bone and skin, whole pieces of chicken in other words, is a great place to start.  Depending on the age and activity of the dog, a higher protein meat is good to give every so often, organ meat for example or eggs.  It is good to give as much variety as you can by substituting lamb or even fish when possible.  Vegetable matter, minerals and certain enzymes are also important but how to get these into your dog varies greatly.  Feeding green tripe regularly goes a long way in providing your dog a highly nutritional and healthy diet but this is not an easy thing to do, so some people turn to vitamin and mineral supplements.  Dogs can not digest raw vegetable matter that is why they eat the guts of their prey, pre-digested veggies.  Some people cook veggies and add them to their dog’s food.  And it goes on from there but the most important thing is not that you perfectly mimic a natural K9 diet but that you at least feed the best available food that you can afford, often that means just doing a little research and looking for better foods than rendered slaughterhouse waste.

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