No More Credit Cards

We will no longer take credit cards. After a couple years of dealing with these banks we have learned that it is just not worth it. When we first offered this option to our customers I was surprised how few people used it for farm market sales. Of course internet sales rely heavily on this service but even so the cost to offer this option has not proven worthwhile for us. I was pleased with the rates we were given but like the banking industry in general this was not what we had to watch for, it was the arbitrary fees that I could not tolerate. Sure, if you are a large business retailer then credit cards account for a good part of your revenue but for the small business it is just another obstacle.

I find it very interesting that one of the first rules the industry tries to place on you is to not try and pass on these costs to your customers. Yes, they actually say do not increase you prices by some rate for people that buy with credit cards. Of course some people do just this.

I had stopped using PayPal awhile ago for internet sales because the rates were ridiculous, or so I thought. When I sat down and did the math though it came out to be about the same when you figured in the fees from the credit card companies.

Yes, I think we will lose a potential sale here or there in the future, but to be free of this aggravation, I can live with it.

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