Your Veterinarian and Raw Meat

If you have considered changing what you feed your dog and are looking for some professional consultation you need to know that you can’t talk to your dog’s vet about feeding raw meat. Veterinarians are educated and trained in the “system”, that means going outside the corporate model is not something they can deal with, they are biased. You can’t blame them really; their livelihood is based on them selling you products and services that are supported by the pet industry. Even though they have studied the biology of canines and perhaps even a little about their evolution from the wild species, they have no incentive to look at the facts of a predator’s diet and behavior. They may not even be willing to acknowledge that your dog is a predator, a carnivore. Interestingly, if a doctor of veterinarian medicine has the job of caring for canines in a zoo, wolves or coyotes for example, they would certainly not feed those animals kibble.

I have noticed that many dog owners also do not view their dogs as what they are but something else, something different from a wolf or coyote. Yes our dogs have been domesticated over long periods of time but so has our livestock and we don’t consider sheep or goats to somehow be different from the wild varieties that still exist. Indeed, there is even a popular movement that goes against the corporate model of grain fed cattle and advocates a natural grass diet.

Perhaps it is the dog’s ability and desire to be with man and their willingness to adapt to that environment, eating whatever they are given that confuses some people. A dog will eat a green bean or carrot to please their masters but they can’t chew it or digest it, their biology just doesn’t work that way. We feed a variety of animals here on the farm and I have looked at the ingredients of some common low cost kibble and once you subtract the long list of chemicals you are left with the same grains that are used in sheep feed. I am here to tell you that canines don’t eat grain, they eat sheep. I have examined the carcasses of our lambs, killed and partially eaten by wild canines. They crawled through fields of grain and vegetables to get to the lambs. Once they brought them down they chewed through the rib cage and ate what they found there.

We have several dogs and some are the lap dog variety like Cota who is our first and favorite dog; after all he was the inspiration for the farm. I will admit that he sometimes seems to prefer his meat cooked but meat is always preferred. Even though he looks more like a stuffed toy than a real dog I need only to look at his mouth to reassure myself that he is a canine.

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