Quail Hunt

Cota Farms will be hosting a quail hunt this spring and we are even now planning for it to be a great success.  It’s actually a quail run as there are no guns involved.  So that all the dogs and not just experienced bird dogs have a chance at retrieving one of the prize quail, here are some training tips for the winter.  Get your dog a toy for Christmas that is about the size and shape of a quail.  Work with her through the winter by throwing the toy into high grasses, or perhaps hiding it in a large park or wooded area, use your imagination.  The trick is to get your dog to retrieve the toy, bring it back to you without eating it.  This would be a simple matter if it was just a toy but your dog may not want to bring back a live bird and instead have lunch.  Add some meat or treat to the toy and get your dog to bring it back to you first then you can reward her.  Send me a note if you have any questions or would like to come out to the farm to train sometime.  More details will follow as to date and entry fees, prizes, etc. Good luck!

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