Oblivion Is Sweet

In a recent conversation with a friend, the topic of what happens to you after you die came up. Oblivion! Nothing happens, you’re just dead my friend gave me his opinion. The word opinion is important here first of all because it is important to acknowledge that what anyone has to say about the matter is assuredly speculation. Also, that my friend’s opinion on this matter is no less valid than the Pope’s view.

I have given a good deal of time considering the question, what happens later, throughout most of my life. So much more information is available to me now than went I first began to think on this weighty idea. In fact, I now find the whole thought of, what happens later, tedious, exhausting, nihilistic, and just not any fun at all.

In the same conversation that I was having with my friend, the subject came up concerning the sensation associated with being anesthetized for surgery. If you have ever had this experience then you know exactly what I’m speaking of, how you reacted to it is not certain though. Some people may pay little mind to the sensation of having had no time pass as the world goes on without you. This is not simply going to sleep. I believe that this is as close to realizing oblivion as a human can without actually going there not to return.

I gotta say, Oblivion Was Sweet. It was total, final, absolute peace and I didn’t mind it at all. In the seductive embrace of the simulated oblivion I cared not about if this merciful state of peace should be awarded to everyone. I didn’t hate the wicket people of the world, I didn’t even care about those who acted unjustly with me personally. Whatever you did, however you lived your life it was all the same, blissful peace.

The irony of this was so overwhelming it stayed with me, haunted me and now I’m sharing that with you. It seems perfectly reasonable to devise a set of religious doctrines to disavow this possibility. There must be a god accompanied by all the storied hosts of angles to assure us that there is a just ending to this circus, that the unjust are punished and the godly rewarded. Now the irony is multiplied and my mind breaks…

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