All That’s Left Behind – Selling The Farm – Part 6

Selling your farm is different than just selling your house because the farm is home to more than just you and your family. We have had a large variety of animals here on Cota Farms over the years mostly because we had the space and enjoyed their company. Often we were unable to maintain them here and my heart cracked with each one that died, went away or we had to remove them ourselves. Wildlife just showed up uninvited and we tried to make allowances for them to the point that they ate too much of our livestock. Even then, we used livestock dogs with the greatest success in controlling their advances instead of traps or hunting.

Just yesterday morning we caught and relocated a large snapping turtle that paused in our driveway. Perhaps he was going after the goslings and I certainly did not resent him for that as his efforts are appreciate in their population control. We don’t raise geese anymore and the few that were left on their own would overrun this farm in a few years without the harvest. Living with nature instead of against it can allow you to realize this world on a different level if you are able to open your mind to it. Unfortunately that would required overcoming a great deal of programing and conditioning that is designed to deceive us. I’ll give one of the most difficult examples I can thing of – violence. Yes, it’s true. Violence is as natural an occurrence as rain and just as vital to the life cycle of this planet we call home.

The important thing to comprehend here is that like so much in this world, natural, healthy and good things are perverted, including violence. I believe this debasement of natural law is part of an ancient and ongoing struggle or even a holy war. That doesn’t make me part of any group. It would be too easy to point to this practice or that political trend and make my argument but that is not the purpose of this positing, I have a book for that.

Selling the sheep has been more difficult for me than parting with any possessions I had left to sell or give away. What has surprised me the most is how much I hauled to the dump. It’s plain I’ve been doing something wrong. Our new home will be less than 140 square feet but that’s just a box and I don’t plan to send much time inside it.

Mature snapping turtles can be dangerous like water snakes. There was a strange joy in overcoming my natural fear of the turtle, as I have with the local water snakes, and replacing that fear with compassion, for lack of a better word, and deciding he did not need to die to make me feel more safe. Since the plan is to leave this small farm and relocate myself to a much larger, more natural environment, this was more than just and enlightening experience, but a necessary one.

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