Fake Likes – Fake Followers


Sure I was suspicious when I started receiving likes and even followers after not having had any at all. I wanted to believe that people had actually discovered my blog and really liked or at least considered what I had to say. Then I began to notice the pattern that this only happened when I made new posts. Each ‘like’ was accompanied by a suggestion that I look at the sites of those giving the likes. I did. I also noticed that these persons where not the type that I would expect to view my blog much less like it.

Finally, after a decidedly opinionated blog, I noticed that one of the persons liking it should have been offended. Yes, there was a reason I got no comments, only likes. I did the research and discovered what I already knew in my heart, the likes were part of a fake marketing scheme perpetrated by the very platform I was writing on – WordPress.

I felt shame at being so easily manipulated, me, the person that writes about sheep, not always the ones with four legs…rarely now, the ones with four legs. So what to do about it? My research also proposed a solution that I will eventually employ, restarting my own website. In the mean time, I will continue to use this wicked platform as the personal journal, not actual blog, that it has always been and eventually re-post all of my past writings.

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