Part One

I’d been planning this project for several years. It was the corner stone of a larger project – live in a different way, for a different reason. I viewed a number of YouTube videos on the matter and saw many ways I would improve on what others had done. One has to do with a bed and what makes for a Tiny Home.

Tiny Homes have gained an appeal recently. In part, this is due to the current economic trend in housing. What it takes to get from day to day, month to year, that’s the kind of economics I mean. Housing costs have become a greater burden for more people. It seems in some cities people are paying a thousand of dollars or more for a similar amount of space as a typical 8.5’ x 20’ enclosed cargo trailer could offer. At some point that isn’t going to make sense and many are already coming to this conclusion.

So now that you’ve brought it up, what is the difference between a trailer conversion and a tiny home? They both tend to have in common the use of a cargo trailer bed or enclosed bed as the basic foundation. This serves many purposes. It makes the living quarters mobile in the case of a conversion, while also allowing for infrequent, short distance mobility for the tiny home. The axils of the trailer chiefly allow for certain variances when parking the tiny home long term.

After that, the differences become more obvious. Firstly, tiny homes tend to have a second story of some sort if only a loft. This makes the tiny home less mobile and in some cases not practical to move without much prep work. But the second level also effectively addresses the bed issue and the bed issue is what I want to talk about. I think the bed placement, style and design is the crux of the cargo trailer conversion and subsequently the tiny home layout. The bed simply takes up the most space where space is the premium design factor.

Now I’ve heard tell of other conversions that have incorporated the ideas I’ll showcase in this series of blogs, but I’ve never seen them and I’ve been looking. So we’ll see how our trailer compares to other home trailer conversions out there.

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