a bed to dream of

part three

part three

The cart is the second item in the formula sited in the last blog. As I said, we went with the most common of sizes, just 170 square feet. A lot could be said about purposefully moving into that small of a space but I will just pick a few things to concentrate on. We can start with a good one: building such a small house can allow for it to be a dream tiny home since resources are concentrated. That assumes you are creating your own as we are. To be sure I have seen some prices attached to tiny homes by builders that defeat the whole purpose of the thing they have just constructed.

It was important for us that we retain all the vital comforts within this small space. There is no better time in history to build a lavish tiny home for a relatively small amount of money. Power, energy, is cheap and technology makes it easy to make the most of it. Solar is our first choice to power our lives (quite literally in my case) and I put together our system with the understanding of how it works. This helps tremendously when evaluating which components to buy and how much is really necessary to spend on them. More about that later.

We were talking about the bed and how it is key to the design of the enclosed cargo trailer conversion and tiny home alike. The tiny home has the advantage of being able to add a second level but the trailer conversion must be more creative. The Murphy bed is the first best option. We custom-designed ours as a horizontal queen made to fit over one of the wheel covers inside the trailer. It must also serve double duty as the couch and storage area.

There is nothing novel about the Murphy bed, it’s used a lot in small city flats but for some reason I see a lot of people ignoring this option in their conversions. It is true though that an off the shelf wall bed, if you can find one, will probably not fit in a stock enclosed cargo trailer. So, a bit more effort and design considerations are necessary to build and install the most space efficient bed you could have.

Otherwise, I have seen fixed beds which are higher than normal for storage underneath. Or the bed that is cranked up to the ceiling in the morning. The recreational vehicle style is also often used, where benches are folded out into platforms with thin padding for the bed. While that may be sufficient for some, we require a real mattress at this point in our lives. Eleven inches of premium memory foam is about right.

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