a bed to dream of part three part three The cart is the second item in the formula sited in the last blog. As I said, we went with the most common of sizes, just 170 square feet. A lot could be said about purposefully moving into that small of a space but I willContinue reading “THE CONSUMATE CARGO TRAILER CONVERSION”

All That’s Left Behind – Selling The Farm – Part 6

Selling your farm is different than just selling your house because the farm is home to more than just you and your family. We have had a large variety of animals here on Cota Farms over the years mostly because we had the space and enjoyed their company. Often we were unable to maintain themContinue reading “All That’s Left Behind – Selling The Farm – Part 6”

Going Homeless In Style

I’m taking a little break from my ‘selling the farm’ series as progress has become painfully slow mostly because it won’t stop raining. The change in weather across the world is real and far more serious than the media in the States will admit to. When they do speak about it, we are pelted withContinue reading “Going Homeless In Style”

Facing The Wall – Selling The Farm – Part 5

The process of selling the farm has been sadly very much like everything else I’ve planned in this life, surprisingly difficult, discouraging, and even spiteful. Sometimes I’m able to step outside the feeling of self pity (I can’t think of a better phrase right now) and view with fascination how circumstances magically become more difficultContinue reading “Facing The Wall – Selling The Farm – Part 5”

Disassembling Your Life – Selling The Farm – Part 4

It is difficult to prepare your home, farm, business for sale when you are not moving upward but rather moving on. After speaking with my realtor I understood what selling this property, my home, means. It is about erasing my presence here as much as possible. Sure it make sense, perspective buyers must be ableContinue reading “Disassembling Your Life – Selling The Farm – Part 4”

How To Sell Your Farm -part 1

Before we begin let’s address the obvious: if you’re a farmer or someone who wanted to be a farmer but you failed at it and now have to sell your farm, then you know little to nothing about selling a farm. You need help! I have a neighbor, a good friend or so I thought,Continue reading “How To Sell Your Farm -part 1”

Maintenance – Selling The Farm – Part 2

Before you can list your property you have to do all those things that you never got around to while you were going about the business of living and farming. It’s a sad irony that I have to clean up the farm and the house, perform maintenance and a hundred other small jobs to makeContinue reading “Maintenance – Selling The Farm – Part 2”

Cleaning Up The Mess – Selling The Farm – Part 3

The farm has greatly suffered along with my deteriorating health. It’s a mess! So many half finished projects and failed experiments all there having to be cleared away before the property can be shown. I’ve made arrangements with some local Amish boys to help with what I can’t do. The high tunnel alone will takeContinue reading “Cleaning Up The Mess – Selling The Farm – Part 3”

The Farm Has Failed

I guess it would be more accurate to say that I have failed. Now that I have a clear plan of how I will move forward, I thought it important to outline why I think the farm and I failed, primarily for myself. It is nice to think that someone would see this and evenContinue reading “The Farm Has Failed”