What does it cost to raise a lamb?

A simple enough question yet there is no answer. I have researched the subject and found lots of theory, break downs for feed cost and the like, ways to maximize production. If this were any other business, one which needs a plan, cost analyst, return on investment, etc., then the question of what it costsContinue reading “What does it cost to raise a lamb?”

Buying Unwanted Alpacas or Llamas

If you would rather not deal with the livestock auction or just want to dispense with a few alpacas or llamas, we will make you an offer on any unwanted alpacas and llamas. Please be advised we are not interested in any animals that you feel have great value. Also, we will not consider sickContinue reading “Buying Unwanted Alpacas or Llamas”

It Takes a Gaggle of Geese to Raise a Gosling

I spend a lot of time around farm livestock now, much more time than around people. It hasn’t always been that way but it is now and that’s OK. Many things that I see are new and fascinating to me. One thing in particular that I have observed is how much more sophisticated is theContinue reading “It Takes a Gaggle of Geese to Raise a Gosling”

The Industrialization of the Farmer’s Market – Chapter 1

We have been attending farmer’s markets for a relatively short period of time, but an important period of time.  We have watched the changes at the markets and see a very different venue now from just ten years ago.  The changes seem to be driven by two main factors: the growing number of vendors, andContinue reading “The Industrialization of the Farmer’s Market – Chapter 1”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 10

Here is how good animal care reasoning can be derived from nature:  a common impression of good animal care, or, animals that are cared for in a good manner, is chickens freely running around in green pastures, doing chicken type things.  This is a pleasant image, very emotionally engaging. We know that this is notContinue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 10”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 9

Where then, do we find a suitable template on which to base good animal care? Early on I followed rules set down by an animal care organization. When I joined with this group at the beginning of their program, I saw what seemed to be a reasonable set of requirements. Unfortunately, as these things usuallyContinue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 9”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 8

The concept of good animal care must come from somewhere, be derived from some basic theory and philosophy. This may seem overly academic for the farmer, but that is only because of the way I am presenting it. The ideas are there regardless of the language used to describe them. Anyone who cares for animals:Continue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 8”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 7

For us here at Cota Farms, the most difficult aspect of animal care is knowing when not to intervene.  I suspect this is a dilemma for all small farmers.  Often, there is nothing that you can do to heal an animal once an illness progresses to the point where it gains your attention.  For example,Continue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 7”