What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 5

A more recent aspect of good animal care involves feed, that is, of late there has been more attention paid to what livestock eat. Pastured, organic, non-GMO, are some of the terms used to describe what the animals are being fed. Some of this is directly related to how the animals are being raised. ManyContinue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 5”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 4

Housing is an often looked at factor when considering good animal care. What is ideal varies with species but there are some basics elements to housing that serve the needs of most. One of the first things that come to mind when one thinks of the farmstead, is a barn. The big old barns areContinue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 4”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 3

To be clear, when we talk about animal care, we are commonly talking about the care of livestock that is raised for food.  These are the animals that are targeted by animal rights activists.  This is important because these animals are now part of an industry that include feed and equipment manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians,Continue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 3”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 2

What ever I say on this matter will bring nasty rebuke from somewhere so it is best to just write the truth and accept the fact that some people will object to it.  Some people would object to chocolate cake.  Animal abuse, or apparent abuse, is one of those subjects that invite protest because thereContinue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 2”

What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 1

Once you get past the obvious: animals need food, water and shelter, good animal care becomes very subjective, even political. We have recently had to deal with this issue at Cota Farms. Even though most people have a reasonable view of animal welfare, it is always the most vocal, extreme groups that get the attention,Continue reading “What is Good Animal Care? Chapter 1”

What is Being Gained by Animal Welfare Approved Membership?

Animal husbandry is the main focus at Cota Farms and that is why it is sad to me that we must now leave Animal Welfare Approved. We were among the first of the farms joining the organization and the very first in Ohio. Our concept of animal care has not changed. What has changed areContinue reading “What is Being Gained by Animal Welfare Approved Membership?”

Kosher Poultry and the Small Farmer

Kosher foods, particularly meat, have requirements that do not allow most meats to carry the kosher label.  When you add the idea of humane slaughter to the issue, it becomes even more unlikely that the small farmer can offer this product to their local community. With just a little understanding of ancient tradition and acknowledgementContinue reading “Kosher Poultry and the Small Farmer”

Alpaca and Llama on the Menu

We have had some success with alpaca and llama meat sales over the past couple years and will expand this enterprise.  We don’t expect a large demand for this product but that is consistent with the majority of our products: rare, specialties, niche market.  The downturn in the economy has exposed a weakness in theContinue reading “Alpaca and Llama on the Menu”

Cota Care – Private Dog Care Service

Cota Farms offers private respite and rescue services for animals that are important to you.  We are not a kennel, day care, or camp. Sometimes you may need to travel where your pet can’t go and you don’t want to leave them in a kennel because they have special needs or you must be awayContinue reading “Cota Care – Private Dog Care Service”