Wetland/Wildlife Reserve

One new thing that we at Cota Farms are excited about is our wildlife/wetland reserve.  We are working on  putting 10 acres into one of the Dept. of Agriculture’s conservation programs.  This would be a permanent easement which we would improve with prairie grasses and waterways.  We would also add a path or trail throughContinue reading “Wetland/Wildlife Reserve”

Private Respite and Rescue Services

Cota Farms offers private respite and rescue services for animals that are important to you.  We are not a kennel, day care, or camp.  Sometimes you may need to travel where your pet can’t go and you don’t want to leave them in a kennel because they have special needs or you must be awayContinue reading “Private Respite and Rescue Services”

Credit/Debit Cards Now Accepted

Cota Farms will be accepting credit/debit cards this season at the Clintonville Farmers Market and wherever else you choose to do business with us including internet orders and deposits. No more PayPal; I think they are not as good an online business solution as I once thought. We still do not have a shopping cartContinue reading “Credit/Debit Cards Now Accepted”