The Souls of Sheep

When I was a student, I imagined that I would one day write a novel but when the time came to do so I couldn’t. It wasn’t that I thought I couldn’t write a story, even a great story, but I couldn’t just write another story, one very much like so many others that had already been written. I tried several times but before I completed the first chapter I would realize that I didn’t really have anything to say.

There are authors who are very successful turning out book after book about murder mysteries or romance without any other purpose than to sell the book. Those books can pass through your mind like a summer breeze, pleasant, but unremarkable and just as quickly forgotten. Writing a book requires a great deal of time and effort and I could not make myself invest in the process, writing about something I had little passion for.

A few years ago, I experienced a personal crisis that would eventually lead me away from my home and the kind of life I was familiar with. But before that happened, I found myself strangely compelled to write a story. It wasn’t the kind of story that I tried and failed at many times before, it was an unknown, to me, story. I stayed up to early morning hours writing about people and things with no plot or outline that I could see. Still, the urge to keep writing was there and I couldn’t sleep until I had completed a chapter or two.

It was a little creepy at first and I was shocked after several chapters to find that there was in fact a story unfolding across my computer screen and I was even anxious to find out how the chapter would end. It was draining and I sometimes thought I didn’t like what was going on and decided to abandon the writing but then the anxiety would build up until I started writing again.

It was a complicated story containing all the ideas and philosophical concepts that I had studied all my life. This was dry stuff that would not hold the attention of most people very long or worse challenge their own comfortable notions about life and the world. But this was a story, full of all the entertaining things people look for when selecting a book to read, or so I thought.

After only a few weeks, I had completed the first book or rather stopped writing at around 70,000 words and a convenient place in the story to begin a second book. Then the most unexpected thing of all happened, I read the book and liked it! I am rarely completely happy with the outcome of any project I undertake, I always see the flaws and imperfections and can’t be happy with what is good.

I didn’t have the money to hire a professional editor for my book and knowing that I was still okay with publishing it as it was, my best effort. I purchased a paperback copy for myself and that was all I needed.

The First Book

in The Souls of Sheep series.

This is a book of fiction or perhaps a fantasy book because it has to be. It is about spiritual warfare, why it exists, who’s involved and how it affects you. After many years of religious indoctrination and then study to understand the purpose of the religious indoctrination, I came to the conclusion that all of the stories and philosophies, whether they be of eastern or western origin, lacked the one most important aspect of any religious theory – why. At best, the answer to the question was hidden in parables that in the end only served to further support the doctrines of the particular religion. All of the ills of this world were then merely the consequences of an inability to follow the doctrines of a particular faith. Since every religion had their own established doctrines that differed significantly from the others, that meant most of the people that have come and gone in this world were doomed before they were born into the culture that practiced the wrong set of doctrines. I personally found this unacceptable and clearly false in my way of thinking. Likewise, the approach of rejecting all religious philosophy in favor of the idea that we are just here by way of some scientific principle and for no other reason other than that seemed equally unsatisfying.

After more research, I came upon other notions that while incomplete at least attempted to answer the basic question of why. This book then is a story, a good and entertaining story I pray, offering an answer to the question of why and how and who are the entities involved and what is your part and why you should care and not be concerned with the practice of faith but with life and death and what that’s really all about.

The Second Book

in The Souls of Sheep series,

follows Elias as he makes his way through the world. He is on the run from those who changed him into something more powerful than he can fathom. He can never escape them because they rule this world and are in league with its creator. However, Elias is not alone and has many that stand with him but he does not understand these people any more than his enemies. There is one though, a girl, that he knows nearly nothing about, nor do the others that aid Elias or even his enemies, yet he has come to love her and depend on her to keep him alive.

Elias is immersed in the workings of those who plot to end the lives of this planet’s population in a very particular manner in order to gain control over something better. He imagines that he is somehow caught in the middle of this apocalypse but he is wrong. Although he is aware of the great deception that has been the burden of humankind from the very beginning, he doesn’t know the extent of the deception nor the purpose. Nevertheless, those who now flock to him as if he is their unwilling shepherd, try to support him as he is forced to defend them and himself from the powers that need to destroy him before they can complete their plan.

Elias and his friends are few and are generally unknown to the billions of the people that are too busy enjoying the newest diversions that the world had to offer or are just trying to survive, so they are oblivious to what the new world order had in store for them. It seemed there was little need for worry as Armageddon had been called off due to the miracles of a new technology that gave every citizen of the world all they ever dreamed of, each and every one without limit, for all time. 

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